By Andy Kriege, YSN

Reprinted from a past issue of YourSource magazine.

Customers can be especially creative when it comes to product returns. Figuring our dealers have heard it all, we asked members to share their shoppers’ whackiest excuses for bringing back a purchase. Here’s a sampling:

“A customer came in wanting to return a countertop microwave. ‘Something is wrong with it,’ they said. ‘Every time I press 75 seconds, it changes to 1:15! Why would it do that?!’”
Rachel Nagel
Great Bend Appliance and Furniture
Great Bend, KS

“Years ago, we had a customer who said the surface of her refrigerator smelled.  She would rub the door and then inhale deeply and say, ‘Can’t you smell that? It makes me sick.’ She claimed she could smell as well as a dog.

“Needless to say, her husband just stood there and shook his head.  I felt very sorry for him. We had her rub several refrigerators until she found one that didn’t make her sick.”
J. Douglas Moran
Moran Refrigeration, Inc.
St. Marys, OH

“‘You have to take back our [expensive, leather] furniture that we got a couple of months ago,’” a customer said. “‘Our basement is flooding and we’re going on vacation, so we don’t want it to get wet.’”
Jim Penland
Rasmusson Furniture
Rawlins, WY

“We had a customer who wanted to return her electric range because she read in the user’s manual that the product had a Sabbath Mode. Since she wasn’t Jewish, she wanted to return it and get one without the Sabbath Mode. But since all ranges have it, we didn’t have to take it back.”
Richard Notman
Eden Prairie Appliance LLC
Eden Prairie, MN

“A customer told us the sofa is too slick — the kids slide off when they’re jumping on it.”
Mary Penland
Rasmusson Furniture
Rawlins, WY

“A few years ago, I sold a stereo rack system complete with gigantic speakers, all the components, and a rack with a glass door. The gentleman returned the unit saying it was not “heavy” enough.

“I was confused about what he meant so I asked him, “You mean you don’t like the sound?”  He said, “Oh no, it’s not that at all. In fact, the sound is awesome!” He repeated, “It’s just not heavy enough.” He wanted each component to actually weigh more.

“When I asked him why, he claimed the heavier the units, the better they are.  When I asked him if he would like to exchange it for a different one, he went around lifting the other speakers and components, but he couldn’t find anything in my store that was heavy enough for him.”
Rick Currier
Top Furniture
Gorham, NH

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