Danby and its CEO to Aid Afghan Refugees

Danby CEO Jim Estill is putting his company’s credo into practice.

By Michael J. Knell, Home Goods Online

The following story was reported by Home Goods Online and appears here with permission.

Canada’s Danby Appliances, together with owner and CEO Jim Estill, have announced their sponsorship and support of 50 families fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

In a statement, the white-goods executive — who was recently named a Member of the Order of Canada — said supporting entire families is a complex and involved process with many moving parts, and several things must fall into place at the government level before families can begin their journey to, and resettlement in, Canada.

Danby is collaborating with local volunteers and community organizations and has already begun planning and reaching out to those in a position to donate resources, funds and time.

This isn’t the first time Estill has launched an initiative to support families looking to provide a life free of persecution for their children. Five years ago, the entrepreneur and his company sponsored 50 Syrian families and helped them settle, find employment and begin again.

Since then, Danby — which was named 2021 Appliance Vendor of the Year by BrandSource’s Canadian affiliate Mega Group — has helped its headquarters town of Guelph, Ontario, sponsor approximately 150 additional refugees from various countries around the world. It’s no surprise the company’s tagline is “Do the Right Thing,” particularly with this CEO at the helm spiriting a culture of philanthropy, volunteerism and servant leadership.

“There is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” Estill said. “We cannot turn away from these families who have left everything behind. Sponsoring and settling over 50 Syrian families several years ago provided insight on how to best support and successfully integrate these men, women and children new to Canada. By doing the right thing, we continue to provide a safe, welcoming network of Canadians to welcome these families. I am proud of what we are doing and thankful for the overwhelming support of other businesspeople, organizations and volunteers who have stepped up to help.”

The Canadian government is still assessing the situation and how refugee families will be allocated and assisted. For more information on how Danby is supporting the cause, and to access a GoFundMe page in order to help, kindly click here.

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