Amazon Developing a Smart Fridge of its Own: Report

Image by Macrovector/Freepik

By Alan Wolf, YSN

We’re all familiar with the Samsung Family Hub and similar smart refrigerators that can let you know when the contents run low.

Now, according to a report by Business Insider, Amazon is looking for a vendor to manufacture a smart fridge exclusively for the e-tail giant.

Groundwork for the appliance has reportedly been underway for two years, led by the same Amazon team that developed the company’s contactless payment system, Amazon Go. Also involved in the project are members of the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service — which is also opening brick-and-mortar supermarkets — and the folks at Lab126, Amazon’s research and development unit for proprietary hardware like its Kindle and Echo devices.

BusinessInsider’s sources suggest that the smart technology could assess the fridge’s foodstuffs and, not unlike the Family Hub, order replenishments, albeit from Amazon Go and the company’s Whole Foods chain.

The fridge may or may not feature the Alexa personal assistant, and, despite the estimated $100 million already invested in the project, may or may not come to fruition. Either way it wouldn’t be Amazon’s first private-label appliance: Three years ago the company introduced an Alexa-enabled countertop microwave oven for $60 under its AmazonBasics brand, and followed that up with a two-SKU selection of room air conditioners.