GE Takes Aim at Kitchen Contaminants

GE’s new Profile UltraFresh dishwasher with Microban technology uses a three-pronged “drain, dry and defend” approach to inhibit microbial growth.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

It’s been a busy season for GE Appliances.

First, the company was all over last month’s Convention21, where it donated $10,000 to AVB charity partner Together We Rise and gave away nearly $9,000 in AVB digital marketing funds to nine lucky BrandSource members in a “Spin to Win” drawing highlighting its UltraFresh front-load washer. (See video, below.)

Now, the Louisville sluggers are rolling out an UltraFresh counterpart for the kitchen: The new GE Profile UltraFresh System dishwasher, which is touted as the first and only dishwasher that helps prevent bacterial growth both in and on the appliance.

That revolutionary goal is achieved two ways. First, GE has actually incorporated Microban Antimicrobial Technology into the dishwasher’s high-contact touchpoints, including handles, the control panel, rack handles, silverware cell covers, and the filtration systems. This helps prevent 99 percent of bacteria on treated surfaces for the lifetime of the product, the vendor said.

Second, the new dishwasher features a first-of-its-kind UltraFresh System that helps to stop the causes of odor by pulling in fresh air and water between cycles when it detects the need for a refresh.

Together, the innovative technology provides a three-pronged UltraFresh approach, comprised of drain (draining and refilling the sump as dictated by smart sensors); dry (drawing in fresh air to reduce moisture within the dishwasher); and defend (the copious use of Microban technology to prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew).

“Our engineers spent the past year and a half developing the first and only dishwasher engineered to stay fresher and cleaner during a time when consumers are more concerned than ever about the germs in their homes,” said Cynthia Fanning, the company’s vice president of dishwasher product management.

Indeed, according to an Ipsoso Community Study from July, 55 percent of consumers report wiping down high-touch surfaces more often, and 37 percent say that they are wiping down the handle of the dishwasher more than they did before the pandemic.

What’s more, consumers estimate they are:

  • Touching the handle of their dishwashers 16 times per week or 832 times per year
  • Touching the silverware basket 10 times per week or 520 times per year
  • Running their dishwasher five or more times per week or 260 times per year.

All of which makes the GE Profile UltraFresh System dishwasher with Microban Antimicrobial Technology right for the times. The product is shipping now and carries a suggested retail price of $1,149.