AVB Marketing Launches Automated Package-Building Service

LINQ Package Builder allows retailers to custom configure multi-product bundles.

By Danielle Diaz, AVBM, and Alan Wolf, YSN

AVB Marketing (AVBM) has added a new enhancement to LINQ that allows BrandSource dealers to readily configure and price their own multi-SKU product suites.

Announced last month at Convention21 by Chief Marketing Officer John White, the new Package Builder service formally debuted today to capitalize on the popularity of manufacturers’ pre-packaged bundles.

According to AVBM, today’s highly anticipated release of LINQ Package Builder allows the retailer to control the bundling of individual products, while dynamic pricing automation ensures package pricing will never be obsolete when displayed on the retailer’s ALTA website solution.

Designed with feedback from a focus group of BrandSource members, Package Builder allows the independent retailer to bundle individual products together into a package with cumulative pricing summing the total of the package components. The included add-ons functionality allows for low effort/high reward in the up-sell and cross-sell potential for these packages and their associated components.

Prior to today’s release, all independent retailers using the LINQ system as their merchandising platform had to rely on globally merchandised packages and/or submit a request for packaging product. Today, with the release of Package Builder, all retailers using the LINQ system on a Commerce (or above) ALTA website level will have access to create custom packages and pricing by self-serving within the platform. They will no longer need to submit requests or rely on globally merchandised packages.

With this release, all images, manuals, and spec sheets will follow the associated simple products into a bundle SKU and retailers will have the option to supersede cumulative package pricing with overrides and rules. In addition, the implementation of status automation has been included in the rollout, meaning that if any of the component products are inactive in the catalog, the package will also be inactive. This fail-safe ensures that packages with “out of stock” or discontinued products do not show on the retailer’s ALTA website solution, AVBM said.

Custom package creation, released today, will be available to all retailers on an ALTA Commerce or higher-level website. Vendor packages created globally by AVBM are available to all ALTA website levels.

BrandSource members can learn more about this latest feature release in LINQ or see if they qualify for this feature at their current ALTA website level by reaching out to their AVB Marketing representative or by emailing marketing@avb.net.

AVB Marketing is the e-commerce, advertising and digital marketing arm of AVB Inc., publisher of YSN and parent to the $22 billion-plus BrandSource buying group for independent appliance, furniture, mattress and CE dealers.

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