LG, Samsung TVs Have You Covered, Indoors and Out

LG’s Gallery model OLEDs, available through Expert Warehouse, offer the industry’s best-rated picture, with perfect black depth and true-to-direction color reproduction.

By Stephen Paczkowski, Expert Warehouse

August always means the end of summer here in the New York metro area, with the long faces of children soon headed back to school and the promise of cooler weather soon to come. But that doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! 

Regardless of where you live, as summer fades into fall, entertaining both inside and outside remains a high priority for people from all walks of life.

For the great indoors, the LG Gallery model OLEDs are starting to arrive.  Essentially a movie theater in a box, they offer the industry’s best-rated picture, with perfect black depth and true- to-direction color reproduction.  Coupled with the best HDR modes like Dolby Vision and Filmmaker, it’s no wonder LG’s OLED is the only TV to win an Emmy for its work as a film direction tool (true story). Its formidable gaming modes with near-negligible lag have also made OLED TVs some of the most desired gaming monitors in the world. 

Meanwhile, outdoor living is gaining traction like never before, with grills, pizza ovens and smokers of all sizes and shapes proliferating.  BrandSource members are also taking advantage of outdoor furniture from various vendors we are partnered with, alongside the state-of-the-art outdoor tech available through Expert Warehouse. With the exodus out of cities during the pandemic continuing even now, demand has increased for exciting backyard products like speakers, portable Bluetooth models and headphones from Bose, Definitive Technology and Polk, and all-weather televisions like the Terrace TV by Samsung.  

The Terrace T7 series is 20 to 30mm thinner than any other outdoor TV and costs thousands less than most of the equivalent sun-rated competition.  It boasts a water-tight and dust-resistant IP55 rating and, best of all, is 2,000 nits (a measure of brightness in the display industry, where 1 nit equals 1 candela, the brightness of a candle). That makes the Terrace 1,000 nits brighter than every other competitive model measured, which is a game changer in outdoor TV.  A full-sun T9 model is now available too, with even better sun-busting credentials than the partial sun T7!

Couple that with the Terrace’s IP55 rated soundbar and you have an unbeatable combination of sight and sound that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Another suggestion for a killer backyard setup is Definitive Technology’s outdoor speakers. The AW5500 or AW6500 are available in white or black and deliver excellent audio reproduction.   In the vendor’s words, “These technology-packed wonders feature high-excursion active drivers pressure-coupled to racetrack-shaped low-bass radiators to give you more than double the bass output while maintaining a weather-tight seal for ultimate placement flexibility, reliability and performance.” All you need is a power amp or a receiver and you are good to go!

The change of season also hearkens the return of live tradeshows as well. The excitement of live gatherings is here again, what with this month’s BrandSource Convention and ProSource Summer Conference, CEDIA in September and CES in January, along with many additional industry events along the way. We cannot wait to be back and see everyone live!

Until then, here’s some suggested entertainment from your friends at Expert Warehouse to give those dynamite A/V systems a workout:

“How Not to Drown” by Chvrches, Robert Smith: A blend of Scottish synthpop with The Cure’s resident hitmaker.

“Shum” by Go_A: Ukraine’s entry into this year’s EuroVision event takes a traditional folk song about harvest time and turns it into a Curve-esque rave.

“Loki” on Disney+:  Everyone’s favorite Marvel trickster returns in his own series. Expect more movie madness in this already weird series.

Stephen Paczkowski is a product manager at Expert Warehouse, the tech distribution arm of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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