Largent’s Appliance: The Cream(ery) of the Crop

Largent’s, seen here in 1950, has undergone multiple transformations since its founding nearly a century ago.

By Dori Easterson, YSN

Ralph Largent moved to Lewiston, Idaho, in 1920 and within a year started selling appliances at the creamery he managed.

Not long after, Largent bought out the appliance section of the creamery and started selling appliances on his own. By the early 1950s, Largent moved his appliance business to its current location on Main Street, where it has long served the Lewiston community as Largent’s Appliance.

Largent’s daughter, Louise LaVoie, had started working in the store at a young age, demonstrating automatic irons and washing machines. LaVoie’s husband George joined her in the store in 1949, and after her father’s death in 1958 the couple bought the business.

Third-generation owner Craig LaVoie serves on the BrandSource National Service Committee and sits on the Northwest Region board.

In the late ’70s, Largent’s Appliance grew its footprint by purchasing the businesses on either side of the store. Eventually, three of the LaVoie’s six sons, Craig, Steve and Kent, took active rolls in the expanded company, which allowed Louise and George to get out and see the world.

For Craig LaVoie, his involvement in the business began at age 12 doing odd jobs, although he didn’t officially become an employee until after graduating high school.

When their dad retired in 1989, the three boys bought the family business and shortly thereafter joined BrandSource. Today, Largent’s remains a strong advocate of the group, having variously utilized such services as BrandSource Financial, extended warranties and AVB Marketing’s e-commerce platform for nearly 30 years.

And Craig LaVoie, who started out doing odd jobs in the family store, is now an active member on BrandSource’s Northwest Region Board and serves on the BrandSource National Service Committee.

Thank you, Craig and Largent’s!

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