Hunter’s Home Center Helps Keep Wyoming Green

Hunter’s Home Center’s warehouse serves its customers and the environment.

By Dori Easterson, YSN

Hunter’s Home Center in Afton, Wyo., has provide furniture, appliances and service to communities from Cokeville to Jackson since 2004.

Serving such a large swath of The Cowboy State has made warehouse space essential, owner Mark Hunter told YSN. “This space has created millions of dollars of sales just with its presence,” he said. “Customers, truck drivers, vendors and suppliers are all shocked that a facility like this even exists, especially in Afton.”

Truck drivers in particular have described the company’s warehouse as “the nicest, easiest drop they have throughout the country,” Hunter added.

Putting the facility to good environmental use, Hunter’s Home Center bales 800 pounds of cardboard every week, which to goes to an out-of-state recycling center. The BrandSource dealer also collects scrap appliances in a 53-foot, company-owned semitrailer. When the trailer is filled — which happens seven or eight times a year — a driver is hired to haul the load to a Nucor Steel plant, where the scrap is repurposed for use in new building construction.

Similarly, discarded mattresses are loaded onto another trailer and taken to a facility that breaks them down and recycles the materials.

The company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility doesn’t go unnoticed. “We handle our unique recycling program from our warehouse,” Hunter said. “Customers like the fact that nothing goes into the landfills or transfer stations, where it would create greater tax liabilities for them.”

Apparently, the extra effort goes a long way to helping keep Wyoming, and the cash box, green.

BrandSource, a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc., is a nationwide buying group for independent appliance, furniture, mattress and CE dealers.

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