Electrolux Advances Sustainability with New Kitchen and Laundry Line

Electrolux’s latest laundry line features new technologies for
saving water and energy and extending the life of clothes.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Travel restrictions may have limited Electrolux North America’s trade show appearances this summer, but that didn’t stop the Charlotte, N.C.-based business from rolling out a new line of feature-rich and resource-efficient kitchen and laundry products.

The company’s new kitchen collection includes wall ovens replete with Electrolux’s built-in Air Sous Vide technology. Electrolux’s patented approach to sous vide cooking uses precisely controlled heat and airflow to provide perfectly prepared dishes without the need for water. This enhances the juiciness, texture and flavor of a wider variety of meals, the vendor said, such as vegetable lasagnas and vegan cheesecakes.

“Through this technology, which uniquely preserves the nutritional value and flavor of foods, we can even encourage more sustainable eating choices, including plant-based recipes and diets that can have a proven positive impact on the environment,” according to Marketing VP Amie Guy.

On the laundry front, Electrolux’s new front-load washer boasts a unique and effective stain removal feature dubbed “SmartBoost,” which is described as “the only technology that premixes water and detergent to remove stains to make clothes last longer.” The model also features an “Optic Whites” cycle that reportedly delivers whites that are whiter than can be achieved with bleach, which extends the life of clothing and fabrics by avoiding harsh chemicals.

On the dryer side, a new collection of electric front loaders features the vendor’s “Balanced Dry” technology, which eliminates temperature spikes and keeps garments cooler throughout the cycle without adding additional heating time. The models also offer “LuxCare Dry,” which saves time and energy and prevents clothes from over or under-drying thanks to a unique moisture sensor. The sensor detects humidity both on the surface and inside laundry items to ensure that all fabrics “are treated with precision and care,” Electrolux said.

Explained Guy, “In addition to being energy-efficient, our new washers and dryers are specifically designed to help preserve fabrics, making them last longer. By helping consumers take better care of the clothes they already own, we are doing our part in helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Indeed, Electrolux has long been a globally recognized leader in sustainability, and the company is furthering that leadership with its ambitious 2030 sustainability targets, including becoming “circular and climate-neutral” in its operations. The latest kitchen and laundry launches represent the next step toward the 2030 targets of making sustainable eating the preferred choice globally and making clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact.

“We are deeply committed to a more sustainable future, both in our own manufacturing operations and in our consumers’ homes,” added Guy. “Our strong consumer reviews and the interest in the appliances’ sustainability features confirm that we are all looking for ways to eat and live healthier lives while reducing our environmental impact.”

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