AVB Marketing Creates Automated Package Builder

AVB CMO John White reveals the latest tech tools from the main stage.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Forget Build-A-Bear; we’ve got build-a-bundle.

On Day 3 of Convention21, Chief Marketing Officer John White debuted an exclusive new service from AVB Marketing that allows members to custom-configure their own appliance suites.

Dubbed Package Builder, the technology builds on the popularity of vendors’ package promotions to help dealers create their own four-piece appliance bundles automatically. Pulling the components directly through their POS systems, members can easily assemble a four-piece appliance package by selecting the SKUs, images, pricing and discount by percentage or dollar amount.

The announcement follows another game-changing initiative launched at the show: The Hub. Described by White as “a CRM solution on steroids,” the Hub is a central commerce platform that seamlessly connects members’ online and in-store operations in real time, delivering all the information dealers and customers need, when they need it.

White added that AVB’s Sacramento team is also creating new digital tabs for furniture and luxury-tier products, and is developing more comprehensive Dashboards that will provide a detailed look at how customers interact with members’ websites, Facebook ads and Google My Business posts.

And speaking of the latter, AVB Marketing has also been busy working on new techniques and technologies to address stricter privacy provisions coming down the pike from Google, Facebook and other digital platforms.

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