Ol’ Lonely Contest to Be Featured at the Convention

By Andy Kriege, YSN

We all remember Ol’ Lonely, the Maytag repair man who had little to do – except snap pictures with thousands of retailers over the past 50 years!

The saga of the Maytag Man was recently detailed in a YSN story titled: Are You Really as Lonely as They Say? The various actors portraying the character (there were a total of 5), along with his apprentice who often accompanied him, made appearances at numerous buy-fairs as well as personal appearances at many stores throughout the years. If you have been in this business for any length of time, you have likely crossed paths with Ol’ Lonely at some point.

YSN has partnered with our friends at Whirlpool and is featuring a contest with over $2,000 in prizes awarded to selected members who submit pictures of themselves with Maytag Man or take part in a contest at the show identifying the people pictured with the various iterations of  Ol’ Lonely taken over the years. The photos can be of members, vendors or other prominent retail figures.            

We need your photos!
If you have a photo, we would really love to include it in this contest chronicling the evolution of the iconic character and his relationship with our members and the Maytag brand.

Please send them to Communications@avb.net. Include the names of the people featured as well as your best guess as to where and when they were taken.

We Need You to Play the Guessing Game
For those taking part in the “who’s who” portion of the contest, we will be posting a collage of all the submitted photos at the YSN booth at the upcoming BrandSource Convention in Nashville. Contestants will be given a custom entry form with all the pictures displayed and asked to identify as many people in the photos as they can. Winners will be selected among the entries with the highest number of correct answers.

We wish to thank Whirlpool in helping to make this contest happen and look forward to both seeing your pictures as well as seeing you compete in the contest at the upcoming show.