Father’s Day Reflections from BrandSource Dealers, Part I

By Andy Kriege and Allyssa Baird, YSN

“A father carries pictures of his kids in his wallet where his money used to be.” — Steve Martin

This Father’s Day weekend, YSN begins a three-part salute to all the Dads out there, working selflessly to impart a lifetime of knowledge and skills to the next generation, so they too can enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship and continue the family legacy.

Indeed, as independent retailers, the foundation of many (if not most) of our group’s member companies were quite literally built by our forefathers.

Today our storefronts include countless sons and daughters working alongside their dads, day in and day out, just as many of today’s patriarchs worked alongside their fathers as they launched the family business.

It is certainly a special privilege to be able to work alongside your dad, the one person most of us would say we trust, admire and look up to more than anyone else. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have been mentored by your father in a family business, you are well aware of just how invaluable his knowledge and experience is. And if you are a father fortunate enough to have one of your children working alongside you in your business, it is incumbent upon you to do the same for them as your dad did for you.

So, for anyone lucky enough to have worked with their fathers, past or present, and for all our member dads, this Father’s Day reflection is for you.

Jennifer, Don and Bryan Idler of Idlers Home in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Jennifer Idler, Idlers Home
The most valuable lesson my father has taught me:
To be patient and humble.”

The best advice my father has given me:
“To change and evolve and make progress in all that I do. Do not get stuck in a rut or in the past. The only thing that is for certain is change.”

My favorite thing about working with my father:
“My brother Bryan and I work with our dad in very different capacities, which gives us the opportunity to learn from him in diverse areas including financials, forecasting, working with the team and customers, coaching. and especially leadership.”

Bill Pleasants Sr., founder of Charlotte, N.C.’s Plaza Appliance Mart, with his son Bill Jr.

Bill Pleasants Jr., Plaza Appliance Mart
The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my father about business:
“Cash flow is the most important thing in running a business and customers will pay a little more for great service.”

The best life advice he has given me: 
“You can make mistakes but learn from it and never make the same mistake twice.”

My favorite thing about working with him:  
“His dedication to taking care of his employees and customers.”

Jason Horst with his dad, Famous Tate founder John Horst, in Tampa, Fla.

Jason Horst, Famous Tate Appliance & Bedding Centers
The most valuable lesson I learned from my father:
“One of the most valuable lessons my dad has taught me by example is that we’re never above any job or any task.  This lesson was reinforced a few years back at a Young Professionals meeting where we each came home with a pumice stone … ready to clean the toilets at work!”

Our Father’s Day tribute from BrandSource members continues tomorrow.

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