Father’s Day Reflections from BrandSource Dealers, Part 2

By Andy Kriege and Allyssa Baird, YSN

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right,
He now has a son that thinks he’s wrong.”— Charles Wadsworth

For this Father’s Day weekend, YSN continues with the second in a three-part salute to all the dads out there, working selflessly to impart a lifetime of knowledge and skills to the next generation, so they too can enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship and continue the family legacy.

Indeed, as independent retailers, the foundation of many (if not most) of our group’s member companies were quite literally built by our forefathers.

Today our storefronts include countless sons and daughters working alongside their dads, day in and day out, just as many of today’s patriarchs worked alongside their fathers as they launched the family business.

It is certainly a special privilege to be able to work alongside your dad, the one person most of us would say we trust, admire and look up to more than anyone else. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have been mentored by your father in a family business, you are well aware of just how invaluable his knowledge and experience is. And if you are a father fortunate enough to have one of your children working alongside you in your business, it is incumbent upon you to do the same for them as your dad did for you.

So, for anyone lucky enough to have worked with their fathers, past or present, and for all our member dads, this Father’s Day reflection is for you.

Alex, Brad and Karina Cole of Cole’s Appliance & Home Furnishings in Lincoln, Mich. Karina and Alex operate a recently opened second store in Tawas, Mich.

Karina and Alex Cole, Cole’s Appliance

What’s the best life advice your father has ever given you?
Karina: The best life advice he has given me is to give it my all in everything I do and to never give up. You will only be as successful as the effort you put into your work (or other activities). This advice really helped with my athletic success in both high school and college.
Alex: That would be to always take pride in everything that I do. Whether it is work, sports, family, etc., always put your best effort out there and never take the easy way out.

What is your favorite thing about working with your father?
Karina: My favorite thing about working with him is the trust between us. We always have each other’s backs and always know that the job will get done. My parents in general are my favorite people to be around, so getting to work with them is an added bonus.
Alex: My favorite thing about working with my father is the mentorship that he provides me. As a young dad, I am constantly trying to juggle my time at the store with my time at home with my wife and son. When we were growing up, he worked very hard for the business but never missed anything that we were involved in as kids. That example is exactly how I am trying to live my life, and being with him every day helps.

Hudson Appliance’s DJ Collins and her dad Arthur Redding are members of BrandSource partner The New England Group.

DJ Collins, Hudson Appliance
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from your father?
“To not to let any circumstances stand in the way of my goals. Early on, my father was challenged when he became a father while still in high school. Against all odds, he opened his first retail store. No one could stop his determination to be an entrepreneur and provide for his family.”

What is the best part of working with your father?
“It is difficult to point to just one of my favorite aspects of working with my Dad. In general, my favorite part is just working beside him and being able to accomplish all that we do. He is a great contributor with his creativity and keen business sense.”

Tom Schinke and daughter Nicole Ritzert of Lyle’s TV & Appliance in Elkhorn, Wis.

Nicole Ritzert, Lyle’s TV & Appliance
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from your father?
“That would be that you have to work hard in order to achieve the goals you wish to attain. Nothing is given to you.”

What is special about your dad?
“He tries to make things fun for everyone. He is truly a hands-on and engaged grandfather with my kids.”

Our Dad’s Day tribute from BrandSource members continues on Monday. Happy Father’s Day!

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