Are You Using All the Tools in the BrandSource Toolbox?

By Rich Lindblom, YSN

If you’ve ever done service or installations for your company, the odds are pretty good that you have a toolbox full of tools for the job.

But toolboxes and gear get heavy, so over time you weed out the tools you seldom use and only carry around the ones that you use the most.  Over time, you might even forget that you ever had those other tools available to you in the first place.

Having been a BrandSource member for about fifteen years, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t use all the tools made available to me by the group.  Honestly, I could have probably carried around the handful of BrandSource tools that I did use in a fanny pack, and I’d be willing to bet the same can be said for many of you as well.

The entire BrandSource team is continually working behind the scenes to add value to your membership. They have amassed an astounding lineup of 225 different brand partners (!) selling an enormous variety of products, from entry level to luxury. But it doesn’t end there; BrandSource has also partnered with a wide variety of complimentary companies to provide you with discounts and special opportunities for all manner of services that you and your business probably use daily.

All told, BrandSource dealers average an additional $30,000 in member benefits, which is the highest return on investment (ROI) among all buying groups.

Among those benefits, every member should know about the Big Four:

  • AVB Marketing: State-of-the-art digital marketing programs and website services, delivered through a dedicated, member-owned marketing department.
  • BrandSource Financial: Wholesale financing, offering generous dealer rewards based on volume.
  • BrandSource Credit Card: Offering discounted rates on extended-term consumer financing.
  • Expert Warehouse:  Offering members access to a wide range of consumer electronics.

But did you know that BrandSource also has dozens of additional programs available to help members sell more merchandise and make more money doing it? Member programs and participating partners include:

  • Extended Warranty Provider Options fromAllstate, Associated Service Corporation, Centricity, New Leaf and Warrantech.
  • Secondary Consumer Credit Options from Acima, American First Finance, Katapult, Progressive Leasing, Tempoe and Westcreek.
  • Discounted Repair Parts & Installation Supplies from 1st Source Servall, Dey Distributing, DuPage Industries, Marcone Supply and Reliable Parts.
  • Credit Card Processing Options from Heartland and Vista Business Services.
  • Direct Mail Marketing by Color Ad, Fisher Printing, Invigorate Media, LS Direct Marketing and Marketing in Motion.
  • Add-On Products & Profit Centers includingGreen Tech (air & water purification), Joneca (garbage disposals), Lennox (HVAC), Palazzani (faucets), Phoenix AMD (detergent) and SmartFIT (water filters).
  • Promotional Opportunities by Capitol Marketing Concepts.
  • Point-of-Sale Systems by  ePASS, SmartTouch, Storis, TylerNet, Windward Software and Whirlwind.

And finally, BrandSource has a whole truckload of other programs designed to solve problems, save money and make business owners’ lives less complicated, including:

  • Employee Training Programs by AVB University, Fred’s Appliance Academy, The Furniture Training Company and Master Samurai Tech. 
  • Service Organizations including the Professional Servicers Association (PSA) and United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA).
  • Point-of-Purchase Products from SES-imagotag and Pro Ad Flags.
  • Insurance Services by Clay & Land Insurance and GAIN Health Insurance.
  • Storage Solutions from Mobile Mini.
  • Freight Solutions from Freight Club and Uber Freight.
  • Office Technology Products from HP (direct purchase with a member discount).
  • Real Estate Acquisition & Leasing through Feinblum Real Estate.
  • Branded Apparel by BrandSource Apparel/HALO.
  • Store Lighting from Service Lamp Corp.
  • Company Vehicle Solutions from Rush Trucks (sales & leasing), TruckSkin (lettering & vehicle wrapping) and Dispatch Track (vehicle tracking).
  • B2B Financing through Capital One.

And finally, let’s not forget the exclusive BrandSource networking programs:

  • Young Professionals
  • Women In Business
  • BrandSource Service Dealers
  • Furniture Technology Source

As exhaustive as that list is I probably still missed a few, but that’s because there are so many different programs available to all of you. Truth be told, I came across at least a dozen programs that I had never even heard of until I began researching this article, and something tells me the same could be said for most of you as well. 

I think it’s time for you to start using all the tools available to you in your BrandSource toolbox. So please take a few minutes to review this list. There may be some programs on there that could start saving you money or just start making your life a little bit less complicated.

If you have any questions about any of these opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to the BrandSource Member Relations team and they will be more than happy to assist you.

It’s always gratifying to get your reaction when something I wrote struck a chord. So, if you have a question or comment (good or bad), please contact me at I’d love to hear from you.