Whirlpool Commits to 100% Clean Energy by 2030

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Whirlpool, which has already cut emissions by 60 percent since 2005, is taking its clean energy commitment to the next level.

The Benton Harbor brigade is now aiming for net zero emissions in its plants and operations by 2030, and a 20 percent reduction in emissions linked to the use of its products worldwide by the same year compared to 2016 levels.

The zero-emissions pledge covers more than 30 Whirlpool manufacturing sites and large distribution centers around the world. The vendor plans to reach its Latarget by moving to 100-percent renewable energy sources using wind turbines and solar panels; working with utilities to fund wind and solar farms; and improving energy efficiency in plants and processes.

To make its products more water and energy efficient, is investing in innovations that automate water levels, utilize cold water settings as default, and help auto-dose detergents to further lower its environmental impacts and save consumers time and money.

“Whirlpool Corporation has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, and we established our first office for sustainability over 50 years ago,” said Marc Bitzer, the company’s chairman and CEO. “Our net zero commitment is an important milestone in our ongoing effort to improve life at home by protecting our planet and communities.”