Canada’s Mega Group Managing Well, Thank You!

By YSN Staff

BrandSource’s Canadian affiliate Mega Group has been recognized as a Platinum Club Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies program for its 14th consecutive year.

Formed in 1993, Canada’s Best Managed Companies is the leading business awards program for our neighbor to the North, recognizing excellence in Canadian-owned and managed companies.

Mega said the honor is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of all members, vendors and partners, but proof that even during turbulent and unprecedented times, the group is able to excel and achieve new heights. With a clear strategy and vision, investment in capability, and unwavering commitment to talent, Mega reports that it is stronger than ever.

Receiving this internationally recognized honor is no easy feat. Once a formal application is submitted, companies like Mega Group are evaluated on four key criteria to determine eligibility. They include:

Strategy. Most of the Best Managed Companies have a formal methodology for strategy development to ensure the strategy reflects all stakeholders; that the business has the right capabilities and metrics in place to execute the strategy; and that the strategy is clearly and consistently communicated to all levels of the organization. Through the publication of Mega Group’s annual Game Book and the creation of a three-year roadmap, the organization focuses on the key criteria of purpose, vision and strategy.

Culture and Commitment. Best Managed Companies build a strong corporate culture and legacy, actively developing their people and their leadership team. Whether through its HR lead initiatives to keep its teams engaged, or trainings to further empower its people, Mega Group fosters a community of inclusion and growth, the organization said.

Capabilities and Innovation. Best Managed Companies develop valuable capabilities and resources; are highly execution-oriented; and are focused on productivity and innovation. The Mega Tool Kit and Mega University are strong examples of the company’s spirit of continuous and never-ending improvement. Mega says it also embraces the ever-changing needs of its members and their customers by adapting new technologies such as AVB’s Alta 360 e-commerce platform.   

Governance and Financials. Best Managed Companies install strong governance structures; use key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage progress; and maintain a strong balance sheet. Mega’s board of directors “provides the strong governance keeping the financial results at the forefront of their discipline,” the group said.  

How Mega Members Benefit

Just by applying for the business award, Mega Group receives coaching from professionals at Deloitte and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC); a detailed self-analysis of its business with a focus on strategic and operational issues; plus, insights into current best practices and areas of improvement.   

Winning the title also provides such additional benefits as:

  • Extensive national, regional and local media exposure (providing recognition for new members and vendors)
  • Strengthened ability to attract and retain talent to better service members’ business needs
  • Celebrate the efforts and commitment of the organization while instilling a sense of pride in its people

Given its 19 consecutive years as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and 14 consecutive years among the highest-ranking Platinum Members, everyone at Mega Group has much to celebrate. Congratulations team!