Today is the day to Wish the Most Famous Tater a Happy Birthday!

No party is complete without cake and ice cream!

John Horst arrives at work yesterday surprised to see that the staff has saluted him on the marquee sign out front.

During the celebration with staff, John eagerly awaits his chance to indulge in his favorite delicacy, the “Tampa Tube Steak”.  The dogs were cooked fresh on the mobile cart brought in for the party.
There is no better place for a celebration than in the warehouse with some of the hardworking staff who decorated the place for the occasion.
John and his wife Marilyn of 51 years get ready to cut the cake and celebrate yet another year!

Watch for a YSN exclusive on Monday:
“John Horst at 80: For This Famous Tater, Retirement Can Wait ’til Later”
The full story of the legendary man that put the “Famous” in Famous Tate.

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