Talkback: A BrandSource Dealer Comments on ‘Complacency’

By YSN Staff

A recent essay on complacency (see “The No. 1 Reason Stores Fail”) struck a chord with this BrandSource member, who responded with the following comments. He asked that he remain anonymous.

Loved and agree with your article about why stores fail. I would like to add that, based on my personal experience working at a small store for 39 years, it’s also comfort zone issues.

People tend to get very comfortable doing their routine. I had such resistance from others every time I tried a change (mostly to implement ideas from YourSource News) that I would come in on Sundays when we were closed and make the changes myself. I got the “Why bother?” attitude until they saw the difference and how there were positive results from those changes.

You are completely correct about not being open to changes. I honestly don’t think we would still be open if it were not for our AVB website, changes I’ve learned, and inspiration I’ve gained from authors like yourself in YourSource News.

I would also like to add that change can be fun. Pondering new ideas, planting new seeds and watching them grow does have a sense of satisfaction. 

I’m hoping other independent dealers may take inspiration from your article. As you know, everything’s been changing for the independent dealer, and 2020 kicked the change into high gear.

I believe that stores without an Internet presence, and a good quality one like the one we get from AVB, will be forced out of business. The public has started getting used to the “new normal” but may have been going to the small dealer out of lack of choice, since big-box stores just didn’t have products last year. As supply comes back and the national retailers can get appliances into people’s house quickly and efficiently, those independent dealers that have not prepared for the future will have very little hope of surviving.

Maybe advice coming from an average guy working a lifetime at an average store might make other dealers realize that they too can, and need, to do this. It isn’t that hard. I did not spend one penny extra — just some time — and time passes by, whether you use it wisely or not. So why not use it wisely? They’ve got nothing to lose.

Keep your articles coming. They are helpful, and at least one guy reads and thinks about them all of the time.

-A Faithful YSN Reader