AVB’s Evans Assumes New Persona for Stampede

Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?

By Alan Wolf, YSN

AVB’s merchandising VP Chad Evans caused many a double take during last summer’s Virtual Convention, when he introduced the show’s special Stampede buys in the guise of an eccentric Masterpiece Theater host.

Evans recreated his off-kilter character for last night’s Stampede, but in keeping with the Summit’s theme of “Double Down,” he also assumed a second alter ego, that of late-night pitchman “Ole CD.”

“Is COVID really grinding your gears?” he asked members in his best used-car salesman voice. “Are you sick and tired of your customers coming up and asking where your product is? Well, Ole CD got the remedy for you.”

That remedy being “a one-night-only blowout sale,” “a stampede of offers” and “items never before offered at low, low prices!”

After accidentally calling his nana and confirming he’s bringing her chicken and waffles, Ole CD turned serious for a moment to announce $500 giveaways to the first five members to place their Stampede orders.

“That’s right, 500 big ones, right into your wallet,” he said, caressing a thick stack of bills, before being joined on the virtual stage by doubles of CEO Jim Ristow and CMO John White.

Evans’ characters are a radical departure from the serious-minded merchandising chief that most BrandSource members know. Aside from a stint as Elvis at the 2020 Summit, Evans had no theatrical experience, he told YSN, not even a drama class in school, and conjured up Ole CD during a long drive in his native Utah.

Can guest-hosting Saturday Night Live be far behind?

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