Knox Furniture in Crockett, Texas recently rejoined BrandSource.

By Andy Kriege, YSN

How many businesses can say they have been owned by one family, operated under one name, and served its customers from one location for over 90 years? The short answer … not many!

Knox Furniture in downtown Crockett, Texas, holds the proud distinction of having served their community since Calvin Coolidge was president, on the eve of the Great Depression in 1927.  

The company is now run by Brad Knox and his wife Jordan, alongside his parents Larry and Suzan. Brad represents the fourth generation managing the family business started by his great-grandfather Leo nearly a century ago.

Brad Knox at a recent Furniture Market.

The Knox family serves a large area of East Texas supplying furniture, appliances, flooring and mattresses, along with televisions and accessories. The secret to their longevity has always been keeping customers happy, which keeps them coming back. Indeed, the business prides itself on free delivery and friendly, low-key, no-pressure sales and service. In a world dominated by big-box corporations, Knox Furniture enjoys hearing from customers who say how refreshing it is to shop a small-town store that’s big on service.

The Knox’s also credit their success to their diverse assortment. “We have also managed to stay in business while others have come and gone by carrying a variety of great products,” said Brad’s dad Larry. “By selling both furniture as well as selling and servicing appliances, we have kept a wide footprint. Somedays we sell appliances, the next it might be furniture. We’ve never depended on just one thing.”

“It also helps that we really like what we do,” he added.

Patriarch Larry Knox kicks the tires at Furniture Market.

Is Larry banking on a fifth generation of Knox Furniture owners to carry on the family tradition? “Brad has a 15-year-old son, so you never know,” he said. “He’s a real smart kid,” he added with a laugh, “so he probably knows better.”

Knox Furniture recently rejoined the BrandSource family after being away for several years. They are excited to be back, and we could not be happier to have them.

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