LG Launching Appliance Refinements at Next Week’s CES

By Alan Wolf, YSN

The annual CES, an acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, may be the world’s largest tech event. But as connected appliances and “smart” home furnishings continue to transform those industries, they too have found a place on the CES exhibitor floor.

With this year’s virtual show just days away (Jan. 11-14), YSN will begin previewing compelling CES introductions within BrandSource product categories. We begin with LG Electronics.

As an electronics and appliance manufacturer, LG has long heralded both categories at its ginormous CES booth, traditionally located front and center at the show. This time around, the vendor will take to the web to tout its latest InstaView fridge, an air sous vide addition to its slide-in ranges, and a customizable collection of Furniture Concept Appliances.

First the fridge: The newly updated InstaView Door-in-Door line now features a 23-percent larger glass panel, a modern flat-door design, and, for side-by-side models, LG Craft Ice, the two-inch, slow-melting ice balls first featured last year in French-door InstaView refrigerators. On the tech side, the new InstaViews will feature built-in “UVnano” technology to reduce up to 99.99 percent of bacteria on a fridge’s water dispenser after 24 hours, plus interactive voice capabilities enabling select models to respond to simple commands like “Open the refrigerator door.”

On the sous vide front, LG has added air sous vide, air fry and “ProBake” convection modes to its 6.3-cubic-foot slide-in ranges. The new cooking climes allow for low-temperature heating of vacuum-sealed food bags; guilt-free frying without all the oil; and perfectly roasted meats and evenly baked cookies and pies, the company said.

Lastly, LG is blurring the line between home appliances and designer home furnishings with its Furniture Concept collection, which offers multiple combinations of luxurious finishes and modern colors, allowing customers to customize each product to their personal tastes and the décor of any room in the house. The new line encompasses InstaView fridges, its fridge and freezer pairs, dishwashers, microwave ovens, water purifiers, the stacked WashTower laundry pair and the Styler clothing refresher.

All three introductions, and more, will be webcast by LG here and on the virtual CES show site next week.