Ergomotion To Wed ‘Wellness Tech’ to Adjustable Bed Bases at CES

Ergomotion says calming music played through its integrated headboard speakers can provide more regenerative sleep.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

The annual CES, an acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, may be the world’s largest tech event. But as connected appliances and “smart” home furnishings continue to transform those industries, they too have found a place on the CES exhibitor floor.

With this year’s virtual show just days away (Jan. 11-14), YSN is previewing compelling CES introductions within BrandSource product categories. We continue with Ergomotion, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adjustable bed bases.

Next week the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based vendor plans to demonstrate how the adjustable base business is evolving within the “wellness tech” category to provide smart solutions within the modern, connected home that support a healthful lifestyle.

Going beyond adjustable bases with temperature controls, wired remotes and offline voice control, Ergomotion will present what it describes as “an effortless integration” of holistic wellness with smart-home connectivity. Concepts include aromatherapy integration; apps that provide concise and consistent health data during sleep; and customized circulation cycles that soothe muscle pain while helping to invigorate body, mind and spirit.

To help make the smart-home connection, the company is working with IFTTT systems (“If this, then that”) to give users more control over their sleep experience — and their homes — from the comfort of their beds.

“Ergomotion is creating remarkable products that align with the new era of technology,” said COO Johnny Griggs, noting that the company’s innovations “will allow the adjustable bed base category to rise to the occasion and allow consumers to experience sleep inspired by technology.”

“Today’s technology is advancing rapidly, and we’re excited to join the movement,” added Ergomotion marketing chief Sherry Chapman. “Sleep has always been a necessity but it’s even more vital now for better physical and mental health. With the amount of technological solutions available, Ergomotion can provide ways to live more efficiently.”

A unit of China’s Keeson Technology Corp., Ergomotion creates adjustable bases that are designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattress brands and seamlessly integrate with existing bed frames. To learn more, check out the company’s virtual booth at CES or visit