AirCozy Smart Pillow No Snoozer at CES

DozzyCozy’s smart pillow automatically changes height to support different sleeping positions.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

The first virtual edition of CES concluded this week, and buyers (and reporters) are still sifting through the hundreds, if not thousands of products introduced at the international tech show.

After previewing home appliance launches from Samsung and LG, and profiling a “smart” adjustable base by Ergomotion, YSN returns to the bedding category with an interactive pillow from Taiwan’s DozzyCozy Technology.

According to regional manager Peter Huang, the vendor’s AirCozy smart pillow monitors users while they snooze and automatically changes height to best support their sleeping positions. For example, the pillow will rise when it detects that the user has turned from his or her back to their side. This reduces pressure on the neck, shoulders and arms, which can cause pain, tingling and numbness in some individuals.

The increased pillow height also helps open airways, which can help reduce the frequency — and volume — of snoring, the company said.

The pillows themselves are constructed from a proprietary foam that provides an ideal balance of softness and firmness, and are encased in a removable cover made from soft, durable and absorbent Tencel.

The globally patented AirCozy pillows are available in three styles: Classic, Premium and Anti-Snoring. The Premium version adds a sleep timer plus white noise and streaming music functions to help users fall asleep faster, while the Anti-Snoring pillow detects snuffles and gently shakes to break the snoring cycle.

To learn more about the pillows, pricing and availability, contact Huang at or visit