You’re Not Gonna Believe How Much Online Furniture and Appliance Sales Have Grown

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Long before the pandemic, AVB has preached the need for a compelling digital presence in order to win in a rapidly changing marketplace.

As if any more evidence were necessary this year, Rakuten Intelligence, the market research arm of the Japanese e-commerce giant, has released industrywide data showing the online growth of key product categories this season, as well as the share grab by top digital competitors. Hold on to your hats.

For the period of Sept. 28 through Dec. 8, 2020, total e-commerce growth is up 54.4 percent year over year. That’s overall.

Within the furniture and home décor category, online orders are up 43.5 percent for the same period, representing nearly 5 percent of total online purchases.

The shift to online shopping is even more dramatic within the combined major appliance and consumer electronics categories. According to Rakuten Intelligence, consumers’ online orders are up a staggering 82.8 percent for those two sectors, and account for 9.2 percent of all e-commerce purchases.

The good news is that the top ten online retailers still comprise only 64 percent of total e-commerce sales, meaning there’s still plenty of room out there for others. Here’s Rakuten’s top ten ranking, showing their year-over-year growth from Sept. 28 through Dec. 8 and their share of the digital marketplace. (Note that their own company, which swallowed up such e-tail pioneers as and Ebates, doesn’t make the cut):

1. Amazon: 47.5% growth (38.9% share)

2. Walmart: 106.4% growth (5.2% share)

3. Target: 123.3% growth (3.7% share)

4. Best Buy: 73.9% growth (3.4% share)

5. Apple: 120.2% growth (3.4% share)

6. Instacart: 254.3% growth (2.7% share)

7. Home Depot: 83% growth (2% share)

8. eBay: 39.2% growth (1.9% share)

9. Etsy: 139% growth (1.6% share)

10. Costco: 85.1% growth (1.5% share)

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Rakuten Intelligence says it derives its data from the e-receipts of more than a million online shoppers. By precisely measuring commerce as it happens, its figures reflect “comprehensive shopping behavior across multiple devices over time.”

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