LG Launches Appliance Parts Store Online

LG is rolling out new benefits to smart appliance owners with the launch of an online replacement parts store and additional automated maintenance services.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

LG Electronics has created an online store that consumers can shop directly for appliance replacement parts like water filters, air filters, oven racks and refrigerator bins.

The virtual shop, called the ThinQ Store, offers “a centralized shopping experience,” LG said, while providing company-approved product accessories that eliminate the worry of purchasing potentially dangerous counterfeit water filters or poorly fitting oven racks from third-party sellers.

Customers can access the store through a ThinQ app, and owners whose LG smart appliances are connected to the app can receive automatic notifications when their water or air filters need replacing, plus access to compatible replacement parts without looking up model numbers or searching directories.

To mark the launch of the ThinQ Store, consumers can subscribe and receive a 25 percent discount on the first month’s purchase of replacement air and/or water filters and a 20 percent discount on all subsequent renewal filters, LG said.

In related news, LG has also expanded its LG Proactive Customer Care program, described as the industry’s first AI-powered preventative maintenance service. The program, which provides customized maintenance tips and alerts that warn of potential service issues before they arise, has added new product performance notifications, including:

  • Refrigerator water and air filter replacement (along with a link to purchase via the ThinQ Store) as well as ambient temperature checks;
  • Extensive oven pre-heat times indicating user error or an obstructed door seal, and EasyClean or Self Clean cycle reminders;
  • Dishwasher interior cleaning cycle reminder; or
  • Washer tub clean cycle reminder and dryer vent cleaning.

Proactive Customer Care already serves more than 375,000 LG owners and the company expects the service to be available to 1 million of its smart appliances in the U.S. next year.

“Right now, consumers are looking to simplify their lives and to feel a sense of security when it comes to maintaining their homes, said Peggy Ang, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA. “This heightened need for peace of mind is exactly why LG created Proactive Customer Care; LG smart appliance owners can focus on enjoying their daily lives with the confidence that LG will provide them with critical appliance performance alerts and tips, and now the convenience of seamlessly ordering replacement parts and accessories via the ThinQ Store.”

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