How To Prep your Computer & Space For Virtual Convention 2020

GET READY: Prepping Your Video Conference Environment for Virtual Convention!

Prepping your space before the big event is crucial to staying focused and engaged within the platform! Attending virtual events and using video conferencing, in general, can be tricky with outside distractions. We’ve detailed a few tips + tricks below on how best to prepare your workspace.


The Virtual Convention 2020 is a web-based application that is optimized for Google Chrome & FireFox browsers. 

For the best user experience, make sure you are accessing the event from a desktop or laptop computer and using one of the two browsers listed above. Additionally, make sure your computer has a video camera with video and audio capabilities. Since virtual events are new to all of us, you may want to run a health check to test the compatibility of your device with the virtual event platform! Click the button below to test your web camera and microphone setup!


We want to see your smiling face! Lighting is essential for a high-quality video call so be mindful of how the lighting affects your working space. Make sure to be in a well-lit area, facing a light source such as a window, lamp, or large overhead light. 


You will want to find a quiet space with a simple and clean background. Try backing up to a solid wall to avoid cluttered and distracting backgrounds, or people coming in and out of the frame. 

Check out the comparison below, lighting and background can make a big difference in overall video conferencing quality!

If you haven’t registered for the Virtual Convention yet, not to worry, there is still time! Visit to get registered, view the agenda and get answers to frequently asked questions.


If you need any help or questions with your setup, please reach out to the Events team at