Convention 2020: Help Lightning Brings a New Dimension to Remote Product Repairs

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Even before the health crisis prompted the use of virtual service calls, vendors and BrandSource members made use of mobile devices’ video capabilities to diagnose and help resolve repair issues remotely.

Now, Help Lightning, a 2020 Convention exhibitor, is supercharging those video capabilities with an interactive solution that adds augmented and “merged” reality to the mix. Whether it’s a customer aiming her phone at a faulty control panel, or a stumped service tech sending a live image of a circuit board to his manager back at the store, the Help Lightning app can improve first-time fix rates by providing hands-on, real-time support through its graphically rich interface.

Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and web browsers, the app allows colleagues to freeze the image, draw on screen, zoom in on objects and pull up diagrams to share with the servicer in the field. What’s more, users can virtually reach into the live image with their hands and tools to point to objects and demonstrate repair techniques from literally anywhere in the world.

“Help Lightning helps organizations reduce costs and increase productivity through remote video collaboration via smart phones, tablets or PCs,” explained Mike Giffin, Help Lightning’s Vice President of Business Development. “Our patented technology merges two real-time video streams so your experts can virtually reach out and touch what your service tech or customer is working on.”

“This ability to be ‘hands-on’ from a remote location makes Help Lightning a powerful productivity tool for field service organizations,” Giffin continued. “Whether used to provide expert help to a tech on the job or to walk a customer through a simple problem, Help Lightning’s virtual expertise saves truck rolls, time and money!”

Added BrandSource Director of Merchandising Paul Roth, “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Help Lighting. As BrandSource continues its focus on enhancing our members’ service businesses, Help Lighting provides practical virtual solutions that will ultimately increase first time completes and profitability for our servicing members.”

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Fittingly, Help Lighning’s software-as-a-service solution is being demonstrated at this week’s 2020 Virtual Convention. For more information, visit the company’s virtual booth at the Expo or its dedicated BrandSource webpage at

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