2020 Convention: AVB’s New KIOSQ Program Brings the Internet In-Store

By Alan Wolf, YSN

There’s something new in store for BrandSource members that melds online shopping with brick-and-mortar showrooms.

While the pandemic has dramatically accelerated e-commerce adoption, shoppers still crave the personal attention of the in-store visit. AVB Marketing’s new KIOSQ program bridges the digital and physical channels, and addresses consumer demand for a seamless shopping experience across both.

As Chief Marketing Officer John White explained, the KIOSQ interface is synched to AVB’s exclusive inventory management tool LINQ, bringing an “endless aisle” of product offerings to sales associates and consumers on the sales floor. Users can access the program via iPads or an AVB-provided 55-inch touchscreen monitor and stand to peruse thousands of SKUs from members’ full product catalogs.

As a mirror of a member’s website, the KIOSQ allows customers to view promotions, best-sellers and in-stock products on their own, with a sales associate or while waiting for one, and even place an order and apply for BrandSource financing from the interactive display.

Why KIOSQ? According to White, now that AVB has harnessed the Internet with industry-leading websites and e-commerce services, the group is aiming its technical prowess at stores. “We’re bringing the same online experience to showrooms,” he noted. “It’s just the beginning of how we’re implementing technology solutions inside the store.”

AVB is offering bundled discounts on the KIOSQ, the LINQ4U assisted merchandising service and the turbocharged Commerce version of the group’s Alta 360 e-commerce platform. For pricing and more information, visit the virtual AVB Marketing booth during Convention or contact them at (916) 407-5165 or marketing@avb.net.

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BrandSource, a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc., is a nationwide buying group for independent appliance, mattress, furniture and CE dealers.