Asien’s Appliance Positioned for the Next 33 Years of BrandSource Membership

By Allyssa Baird, YSN

While Asien’s Appliance is not exactly a new BrandSource member, having joined the group some 33 years ago, the Santa Rosa, Calif., dealer has undergone some recent changes.

Founded in 1948, the family business was most recently owned and operated by President and CEO Chris Wilhemsen. But with retirement beckoning, Wilhemsen brought on Bob Patterson, a specialty retail exec with 20 years’ experience, to assist in the transition.

Explained Patterson, “I have been working side by side with Chris for several months to create continuity, to continue to share the mission that Asien’s has always stood for, and to understand the customer that we serve in Sonoma county. I am proud to be the next in line to serve this organization.”

Asien’s offers a full assortment of kitchen, laundry and outdoor cooking appliances from its lone Northern California showroom, but extends its reach with an AVB Marketing-designed website. The company also supports what it sells with delivery, installation and repair services.

Asked what separates Asien’s from the competition, Patterson cited its service levels and staff. “Like the rest of the retail cohort here with BrandSource, we are customer centric and service-oriented,” he said. “The value proposition is much the same as other members, in that we earn our place in the market by providing exceptional customer service, and by having knowledgeable associates to support the customer through every step of the planning, selecting, delivery, installation and service lifecycle. This is a people-first business and we have great people who know their stuff and sincerely care for our customers.”

While Wilhelmsen is still on board overseeing the business, it sounds like he can rest assured that Asien’s Appliance will be in good hands going forward.

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