Service Webinar to Tackle Flat-Rate Pricing

By Alan Wolf, YSN

BrandSource partner United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA) is hosting a complimentary webinar this Tuesday, June 30, on the topic of flat-rate pricing for servicing dealers.

The live event, “Charging Professional Prices for Professional Service,” will feature BrandSource member Dean Landers of Landers Appliance and Jack Miller, Managing Partner of Service Company Solutions. The pair will explore different approaches to pricing and service valuation to provide attendees with a different perspective on job rates, also known as flat rates.

According to the UASA, factors to consider when determining the cost of a job and setting prices for repair services include: parts, time and labor; liability; equipment; predictable and unpredictable circumstances; inventory management; education and training; office staff; advertising; insurance; travel time; and all service vehicle expenses.

So don’t sell yourself short! The BrandSource Service Committee advises all servicing members to register here and tune in this Tuesday at 2:30 EST.

UASA is regarded as North America’s largest appliance repair association. The non-profit trade group is based in Chicago and provides training, support and strategies for fellow servicers and servicing dealers. For more information call (800) 683-2558 or email

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