Class is in Session for BrandSource Service Techs

By Alan Wolf, YSN

There’s no moss growing under the BrandSource Service Committee’s feet.

Just days after forging a new partnership with the Professional Service Association, BrandSource has signed on with Master Samurai Tech (MST), an online training academy for appliance repair personnel.

Founded six years ago by Navy veteran and design engineer Scott Brown and his wife Susan, the New Hampshire couple provides a series of video-based seminars that range from core appliance repair to advanced troubleshooting and fixes for cooking, refrigeration and laundry products. Students, whether tech newcomers or working servicers looking to enhance their skills, can take the interactive courses at their own pace and access an “Ask the Teacher” forum for personalized help with any of the material.

The trainings take about one to two months to complete, depending on the course and the time spent online. Upon completing the sessions and earning qualifying grades on quizzes and exams, students receive Master Samurai Technician (MST) certification, along with a formal certificate, a uniform patch and a digital badge for websites. Graduates also receive limited complimentary membership in, the company’s online user forum where service professionals share tips and insights and offer advice on specific repair problems.

According to Scott, the courses ground students in the underlying technology behind all appliances, including computer-controlled smart models, and teach them how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems using schematics. “We’re bringing back the lost tech skills of troubleshooting,” he said, resulting in higher first- and second-call complete rates, increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability for dealers’ service departments.

“The service side of the business should be profitable,” argued Scott. “That starts with trained technicians who know what they’re doing. if the service is competent and professional with a minimal number of trips, self-servicing dealers will have a customer for life.”

Under the new partnership, BrandSource members will receive a maximum discount toward the regular price of the virtual classes. Members can access a dedicated MST landing page at, and register using a special discount code that’s available in the Backroom.

“As the BrandSource Service Committee looks to meet the members’ needs, this partnership helps to ensure education and training are met as a top priority,” observed Jarred Roy, BrandSource General Manager. “Whether entering the trade or currently servicing, Master Samurai Tech provides opportunities for online learning that are self-paced, allows help as needed, and are unique and up to date, all while allowing proper certification.”

Added Roy, “This partnership provides a unique opportunity that will continue to demonstrate Master Samurai Tech’s virtual training expertise while delivering on BrandSource’s position as the industry’s group supporting independent servicing dealers for over 50 years.”

The BrandSource Service Committee was formed last year to help servicing members contend with such industrywide challenges as inadequate billing rates, increased product complexity, decreased vendor support, and a dearth of trained technicians.

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