AVB Marketing Bundles Social Media Messaging

An example of a “Fun Holiday” post, included in the Good, Great and Premiere tiers.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

AVB Marketing has packaged its wide mix of social media offerings into four separate tiers to help simplify members’ monthly digital messaging.

The bundles encompass “Basic,” “Good,” “Great” and “Premier” levels, with each successive package providing more expansive content.

The Basic tier delivers 12 separate pieces of content per month, comprised of four posts featuring three brands.

The Good tier ups the content quotient to 20 individual pieces, with the addition of four “Fun Holidays” and four “Weeklies” postings per month. Fun Holidays are rich media posts highlighting lighthearted holidays like Best Friend Day, Take a Nap Day or Celebrate National Puppy Day using an image and related copy. Weeklies are product-related lifestyle posts featuring infographics and hashtags. They appear once a week on a designated day under such themes as “Foodie Friday,” for appliances; “Stylish Saturday,” for furniture; and “Mattress Monday,” for bedding.

Members opting for the Great package receive eight additional pieces of content per month in the form of videos. Under this plan, AVB Marketing will post two videos per week on behalf of members, who can choose appliances, mattresses or furniture as their topics.

The top-of-the-line Premiere bundle layers in six more social media elements: four anniversary posts and two themed contests per year. The anniversary announcements include one for each of three selected brands and one to commemorate the opening of a flagship store, replete with company logo. The two social media contests can also call out a dealer’s anniversary or similar company event, and will be hosted on Facebook and the member’s website with promotional banners. Giveaway rules will be based on each member’s individual goals.

For more details on the new monthly social media packages, contact your account executive or email AVB Marketing at marketing@avb.net; call them at (916) 407-5165; or reach them online at avbmarketing.com/contact.

AVB Marketing is a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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