Whirlpool Easing the Anguish of the Global Pandemic

Whirlpool is donating time, money and appliances to help counter the worldwide impact of coronavirus.

By YSN Staff

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances — products that sanitize our clothes and cookware and keep our food safe — Whirlpool Corp. is uniquely positioned to help in the fight against coronavirus.

And it is doing just that, in spades.

As the company notes in a new corporate video, Whirlpool is taking on the global pandemic on a number of worldwide fronts, including instituting vigorous safety measures at its far-flung manufacturing facilities; funding offshore research into curing COVD-19; helping to build a new hospital in hard-hit Milan; and contributing food and supplies to medical teams in France and supporting associations there to help financially-stressed citizens.

Meanwhile, here at home, Whirlpool is supporting small businesses; providing food for children and the needy; donating appliances to hospitals and community organizations; and has designed and produced protective equipment to help shield medical personnel, first responders and other frontline workers who are most exposed to the virus.

And perhaps most of all, the narrator intones, Whirlpool serves all the many consumers and healthcare professionals who count on its products to “take care of their families, to maintain businesses and daily life.” For that the company thanks each one of its 77,000 employees worldwide for “standing together, resolute in the face of this global pandemic.”

“In all the countries where we have a presence, we do everything we can to be a part of the solution,” the video concludes. “Now is the time to continue being courageous for everyone who needs us.”