The Brave New World of Furniture Retail

By YSN Staff

No question the world has radically changed in the last two months, and furniture retail is no exception.

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic marketplace, home furnishings dealers and manufacturers must adopt to transformations in consumer behavior that will continue long after the coronavirus is vanquished, especially the switch to online shopping.

Cylindo, which provides 3D product renderings for websites, has offered up a series of tactics to help furniture sellers future-proof their businesses. Besides a forgivably subjective plug for 3D visualizations, the company also recommends virtual sales assistance through live chat; providing potential customers with free fabric swatches; diversifying sourcing to lessen dependence on any one supplier or country; relaxing website return policies; and using social media to stay top-of-mind with customers.

Those suggestions and more can be found in Cylindo’s online strategy blog, accessible here.

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