Most Consumers Express Caution Over Post-Lockdown Lifestyle

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Although everyone is surely stir-crazy at best by weeks of mandatory lockdowns, consumers are still leery about resuming their pre-COVID lifestyles even after stay-at-home orders are eased.

In a new consumer survey by Coresight Research, the vast majority of American adults said they expect to avoid travel and public places even after their lockdowns end, with shopping centers among their top off-limit locations. The proportion, 74 percent, is also the highest recorded in the weekly polls since April 22.

Asked which activity, if any, they would engage in a month after lockdown ends, most respondents (49 percent) said “Visit friends or family locally,” followed by getting a haircut or some other beauty service (37 percent). Only 28 percent said they would dine inside a restaurant, and fewer than one in five (19 percent) said they would go on a trip or vacation.

Consumers were also increasingly pessimistic about a quick end to the pandemic. Some 92 percent expect the severe impact of the virus to last three to six months from the start, up from 88 percent in the May 6 survey, while 59 percent expect the severe impact to last more than six months from the start, up from 54 percent last week.

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