Meat and Greet: Logel Appliance Supports New York Farmers

By Alan Wolf, YSN

BrandSource member Jennifer Lingenfelter was perplexed.

On one hand, the President of Logel Appliance in Upstate New York was hearing reports of a meat shortage that could put a crimp in family meals.

On the other, she saw an abundance of locally raised pork and beef from area farmers.

To help correct the incongruity within local Cattaraugus County, and to allay the concerns that customers expressed while purchasing freezers, Lingenfelter posted a list of local meat farmers to her company’s Facebook page. The result, she said, was explosive.

“In just under a week we had over 84,000 views and 1,800 shares,” she told YSN, which was a shot in the arm for farmers. “Several told me they are super busy, obtained new customers and are already taking orders for the fall.”

But as the saying goes, what you give you get, and in the process of bringing local families and farmers together, Logel Appliance garnered more name views and page likes than any post in the company’s history — along with the gratitude of the community.

 Summing up the sentiment was a follower named Judy. “What a great list,” she commented. “Thank you for the time it took to compile it.”

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