How AVB Marketing Raised the Heat on Air Fryer Ranges

By Allyssa Baird, YSN

Last year Electrolux’s Frigidaire brand and Grand Appliance and TV presented an interesting challenge to AVB Marketing: create a campaign to lift sales of the vendor’s new air fryer ranges, and do it quickly.

Air fryers were relatively new to the public at the time, and adding a new technology to a range required an extra level of consumer education. With a deadline of just a few short months, AVB Marketing was asked to rapidly increase awareness of the features and benefits of air fry cooking — and convince consumers to purchase the new-fangled ranges in-store and online.

The marketing team began by developing a long-term search engine optimization (SEO) strategy designed to capture an audience that was ready for a different kind of cooking experience. It then created original content around the theme of making delicious yet healthier meals for the entire family.

To jump start the effort, AVB distributed the content via Google, Facebook and Instagram, and leveraged the dealer’s large email database to share original blogs to an active audience.

In short order the campaign blew expectations out of the water. AVB’s marketing teams were able to generate high engagement on Grand Appliance’s social channels and doubled sales of the range, to the delight of both the BrandSource member and the manufacturer.

Specially, Grand garnered nearly 5,900 new users to its website from the Google leg of the campaign; enjoyed an exceptionally high email open rate of 26.5 percent; and generated almost $16,000 in sales alone through the use of the “Add to Cart” function on Facebook, among other winning metrics. And, because the campaign was built around a long-term SEO plan, the positive results were expected to be ongoing.

As Jeff Clemens, Director of Marketing for Grand Appliance noted, “This program was effective by every possible metric. It was highly engaging on Facebook and Instagram, it drove traffic to the website, and it helped to more than double our sales of Air Fry ranges.”

What’s more, added Clemens, “It allowed us to have a demonstrable win with Frigidaire/Electrolux on a new product launch that we intend to leverage toward support for future opportunities.”

The Frigidaire campaign is just one example of the many successful programs that AVB Marketing has developed to help BrandSource members raise their voices —and sales — within a crowded marketplace. To learn more, email AVB Marketing at or call (916) 407-5165.

AVB Marketing is a unit of YSN parent AVB Inc.