AVB Bows ‘Apply & Buy’ Consumer Credit Program with Citi

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Frictionless transactions are the goal of all e-commerce sites, and a new on-the-spot consumer credit program from AVB can help make members’ online sales downright seamless while giving them payment parity with national chains.

The new “Apply & Buy” initiative, developed by AVB and Citibank, allows online shoppers to apply for the private-label BrandSource Credit Card at checkout. Approval takes just seconds, after which the purchase can be applied to the new account and customers can take advantage of any special financing offers for a true buy-on-the-fly experience.

“Through this partnership with Citibank, our members are able to offer a truly seamless checkout process for their online customers,” said Chad Evans, AVB’s Vice President of Merchandising. “This functionality on the AVB websites is a game changer for independent retailers in our space.”

The exclusive program is presently rolling out to all BrandSource members utilizing the group’s proprietary ALTA e-commerce platform. Moreover, current six- and 12-month financing terms allow customers to spread their payments out over time, while shoppers using the BrandSource Credit Card for qualifying purchases of $1,500 or more between now and June 4 will receive a $50 rebate via a prepaid Visa gift card.

Other consumer benefits include no annual fees, around-the-clock account access, and a dedicated line of credit that’s accepted at over 4,500 BrandSource member stores nationwide.

To help members herald “Apply & Buy” and to further simplify the application process, AVB Marketing has crafted a host of creative elements including a new consumer landing page and special flags and badges to call attention to the offer. Interested dealers should contact their AVB Marketing account executives to learn more.

“Apply & Buy is just one more leap forward in closing the gap between big-box stores and independents online,” added Evans. “We are continuing to level the playing field with this functionality.”

BrandSource is a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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