Ensuring Customer Support During the Pandemic

The following customer support suggestions come courtesy of ProSource vendor Help Lightning.

If you’re a custom integrator, you know that now, when social responsibility requires Americans to shelter in place, your customers will depend more than ever on the systems you have installed for their comfort, security, and entertainment. In fact, many will have time to explore dimensions of their systems that they haven’t used before. They’ll feel fortunate to have a wealth of options to distract them while they’re stuck at home. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they’ll be more than a little disappointed if they screw something up or if anything in those systems should fail and can’t be restored via remote reboot or adjustment.

Should such a problem arise, the only thing that will unnerve your cloistered customers more than system failure is the sight of one of your techs showing up at their door to fix it. If ever the CI community needed an effective tool to provide remote expertise, it’s now. And among all the available choices for remote troubleshooting, nothing comes closer to the gold standard of personal help without the risk and expense of a house call than Help Lightning!

Help Lightning’s Remote Expertise solution uses Merged Reality to provide an instant solution to travel restrictions. Inspection, maintenance, setup, and fix operations can be performed through remote collaboration without the need to be physically present. Remote experts can show customers how to solve a problem using gestures, tools, and visual aids. By merging the expert’s actions into the live video stream on the screen of the customer’s mobile device, the expert is virtually present.

Help Lightning’s Remote Expertise offers the advantage of personal, side-by-side guidance without the danger of exposure to Coronavirus transmission. It’s the perfect solution to customer care in these challenging times.

Seeing is believing. To learn more, see video of Help Lightning in action, or request a live demo, go to www.helplightning.com.

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