By Daniel Abramson, StaffDynamics

We’ve all heard the magical mantra, “Hey, do your job!” It’s memorable, and usually works for a single, short-term transaction. But it does not capture the essence of your work style or your career.

Here’s an interesting corollary to “Do Your Job”: “Keep Your Job.” This requires more of you, focusing not only on short-term technical performance but also on those items that define your overall contribution, and staying power — the value you bring to the table.  

These items include trust, reliability, engagement, work ethic, and intrapreneurship — the ability to take initiative and create new business opportunities within your current company.

“Keep Your Job” also means developing your non-job, non-technical soft skills. An example is the ability to be curious and creative about how you connect with others, both inside and outside your group. It’s your vibe.

These skills, curiosity and creativity are part of your “EQ,” or emotional quotient, which embraces your intuitive sense of the human dynamics involved in getting things done.

Is EQ important? Yes! While people are most often hired because of a high job IQ, they are most often replaced or are passed over for promotions because of an underdeveloped EQ.

So here’s the bottom line: Want to keep your job? Build your EQ!

Lecturer, coach and consultant Daniel Abramson is Founder and President of StaffDynamics, which helps mid-size companies increase productivity by fusing talent, analysis, strategy and execution. You can reach him at or (877) 568-2222.