Regional Board Members Weigh In

BrandSource’s regional board members held their regular monthly calls on March 19. Here are some best-practice highlights from around the country.


  • “We’re calling ahead of every appointment to check for any fever or symptoms in the home and to confirm whether they’re still comfortable with a home delivery.”
  •  “I’m limiting deliveries to new construction and customer emergencies.”
  • “We’re offering free drop-off in the garage with all online orders.”
  • “We’re thinking of advertising our ‘Clean Delivery Service’ so people feel good about us coming into their homes. We’re trying to get more masks and wipes and will make a campaign out of it so customers will know we’re going out of our way to help protect them.”

Websites and Social Media:

BrandSource is imploring all members to transition to transactional websites and to add live chat ASAP, as consumers begin hunkering down during the crisis. Best Buy has experienced a 2x increase in online sales … but BrandSource websites are up 3x since the outbreak and live chat traffic is exponentially higher.

  • “We listed all the steps we’re taking on a Facebook post: wiping down counters, railings and phones with Clorox wipes — my hands are bleeding! — and all the trucks have hand sanitizers.”
  • “We’re letting people know on our site that we’re open and are listing all the steps we’re taking to keep the stores sanitized.”
  • “We’re telling our customers through social media to check us out online. They can order from our website without leaving the safety of their homes.”


  • “Next week we’re moving to hours by appointment only, to help keep children out of the showroom.”
  • “Ask the company that cleans your store for extra supplies of bleach and disinfecting wipes.”
  • “We’re putting people on different shifts and rotating their hours to limit any possible exposure.”

Best Ideas from the BrandSource Family

We will be sharing best practices from the BrandSource members and team, including information addressing store hours, social distancing, cleanliness and human resources. Stay tuned.