ProSource Launches Marketing Services Program for Members

By Alan Wolf, YSN

ProSource, the custom integration affiliate of BrandSource, has introduced a marketing services initiative at Summit 2020 that addresses the unique needs of the CI and technology specialty reseller channels.

The program is built around the newly formed ProSource Marketing Agency, which offers website design, digital marketing, content programs and professional photography and video production services, all backed by the resources and marketing expertise of AVB Marketing.

According to Gordon Isaac, Director of Sales & Marketing for ProSource Marketing, the effort was launched to address the challenges many ProSource members have experienced in finding a full-service marketing agency that understands their business. For some, the search has resulted in extended time to deliver, inordinate member involvement and higher costs.

Instead, members now have a dedicated agency manned by a team that understands their business and industry. What’s more, “Our not-for-profit approach means we are focused on providing marketing solutions that work,” Isaac said, rather than just spending their money, as members have sometimes felt about other marketing companies.  “We are built to deliver best-in-class marketing strategies at costs that are 50 percent or less than other marketing companies, and with the type of customer service that a ProSource member expects.”

“For us it’s all about the members,” Isaac added, “and we are their unfair advantage.”

For more information about ProSource Marketing, contact Isaac at

ProSource is an affiliate of YSN publisher and BrandSource parent AVB Inc.

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