Weathers Hardware & Appliance’s new Samsung QLED display area has become “a showroom focal point and conversation starter,” Jeff Weathers said.

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Jeff Weathers knows the value of a little spit and polish.

Late last year the owner of Weathers Hardware & Appliance in Boaz, Ala., decided to spruce up some 16 feet of underutilized space outside his office. Three TVs and some inexpensive wall board later, Weathers had transformed the drab stretch of wall into a productive A/V display area that smartened up his store and is still paying dividends.

Weathers’ two-man team completed the project in one day.

Weathers began by tapping into Expert Warehouse’s Samsung QLED collection, which he spied last fall at BrandSource’s 2019 Convention & Expo in Dallas. To create a backdrop for his wall-mounted 65-inch, 75-inch and 82-inch displays, he purchased $169 worth of brick hardboard wall panel from the local Home Depot and added some Polk soundbars to heighten the impact.

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Weathers said the effort took two employees just one full day to complete and turned what had been a mediocre TV display with stands into a showroom focal point and conversation starter. “It has improved the look and image of our store big time,” and has led to at least three QLED orders, he told YSN and Southeast Region Manager Tim Clements in an email.

The light-on-the-wallet renovation exemplifies what AVB CEO Jim Ristow has described as a “simple refresh” that can make one’s store a destination and significantly improve the bottom line. It also led to the creation of the group’s AVB Makeover: Store Edition Manual, an exclusive how-to guide to low-cost, high-impact showroom improvements.

As Clements said of Weathers’ new TV display area, “It’s a really good example of a member building something to display something so they can sell something.”

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