How to Communicate Effectively with Clients, Vendors and Employees During the Pandemic

ProSource member Henry Clifford, principal of Richmond, Va.-based custom integrator Livewire, shares his strategy for connecting with key audiences during the coronavirus crisis.

If you told me a month ago we’d all be huddled in our homes with public venues shuttered and something called “social distancing” in place, I would’ve called you nuts.

How quickly things change. We’ve gone from watching foreign countries managing a virus outbreak to dealing with a full-blown pandemic right in our own backyards.

These are scary times made scarier by inefficient communication. There’s plenty going on outside of our control and precious few things we can influence. Make no mistake: we’re all being tested. How we handle this crisis will be something we all reflect on for years to come. If you own a CI business, your customers, employees, friends, and family all are looking to you for leadership and strong communications right now. Not tomorrow. Right now.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve done at Livewire so far to effectively communicate with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders…

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