Dealers Round Up Hot Deals at the Summit Stampede

By Alan Wolf, YSN

One of the most popular, can’t-miss events at an AVB Convention or Summit is the Stampede session, and yesterday’s roundup of deeply discounted, limited-quantity deals was no exception.

Accompanied by a parade of Elvis Presley’s, including Whirlpool’s hunk of burning love Mark Hecht and AVB’s own Chad Evans, BrandSource members vied for a host of one-time, traffic-driving show specials to help spice up their assortments across multiple categories.

“During the Stampede, we looked to have some very aggressive offers in mattresses, business services, accessories, furniture and appliances,” said Chad Evans, AVB’s Vice President of Merchandising. “There were some huge savings and a lot of opportunities to drive both margin and store revenue.”

The Stampede followed a full spate of events on Monday that included a State of the Union presentation by CEO Jim Ristow that was packed with new AVB initiatives, and a keynote by innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche that underscored the Summit’s theme of “Tomorrow Starts Today.”

But the day didn’t end there: Member’s capped off the first full day of Summit 2020 with an exclusive dinner reception at the fashionable TAO Las Vegas restaurant and nightclub, and looked forward to the opening of the expansive expo show floor on Tuesday.

“We are really excited about this year’s BrandSource Summit,” added Evans. “Every year we continue to have more members attend and lots of new vendors come for the first time. We have a lot of money saving offers with Fast Cash, Stampede offers, and the Booth Specials.”

BrandSource is a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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