BrandSource Unveils New Kitchen Vignette Solution at Summit 2020

By Alan Wolf, YSN

BrandSource has launched an exclusive kitchen vignette solution at Summit 2020 to help dealers effectively showcase their kitchen appliance packages and compete in the smart-home arena.

The initiative, announced on Monday by AVB CEO Jim Ristow, builds on a nearly two-year-long showroom enhancement effort that includes the introduction of digital price tags, engaging store signage, and a low-cost, labor-light Store Makeover remodeling program.

Bundled appliance packages developed by the BrandSource merchandising team are a profitable means for dealers to sell complete kitchen suites — and are a popular way for shoppers to buy them. The Kitchen vignette solution will allow members to effectively display their ensembles in an attractive, kitchen-like setting that can help customers envision the products in their own homes, and is a key component of BrandSource’s new multi-pronged smart-home strategy.

With the vignette program, products and logos can be easily changed out, and the modern design will fit into any showroom décor. What’s more, bulk buys have cut the price of the vignettes by more than half that of individual purchases, making this a high impact, low-cost option that will help connect the in-store experience with dealer’s virtual storefronts online.

The vignette is being unveiled today on the Summit expo floor.

BrandSource is a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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