A Different Kind of Safety Reminder from Pardini Appliance

Mark Pardini, principal of Pardini Appliance & Mattress in Ukiah, Calif., reminds fellow members to tighten not only their sanitizing procedures but their security measures as well.

Given an expected wave of layoffs and resulting cash crunch, less than scrupulous actors may try to take advantage of your businesses, he warns, and Pardini speaks from very recent experience: Batteries were stolen from his company’s diesel trucks, which were locked behind a chain link fence that’s ringed by barbed wire.

Reminded of past attempts to defraud businesses over the years, he urges members to be on the lookout for the following scams:

  • Bad checks
  • Stolen or counterfeit credit cards
  • Will calls with U-Haul trucks
  • Phone sales on long-distance phone numbers
  • Requests for sales by fax
  • Freight company pickups for customers
  • Theft from loading docks
  • Delivery to an empty house