20 in 2020: BrandSource Town Halls Give National Group a Local Focus

By Andy Kriege, YSN

BrandSource is planning 20 new Town Hall meetings around the country for late 2020.

The Town Hall format, which is unique to BrandSource, is designed to tie our national presence to the magic we find within the voice of our member-owned regional structure. It truly gives a forum for individuals to be heard in an intimate, one-on-one setting. This year’s slate of events will kick off in late September and run through November. 

Town Halls, which are local, regionally-driven efforts led by BrandSource Region Managers, were adopted from our sister organization ProSource, with the sole goal of promoting member engagement. Each event is designed to provide an industry clarity and unifying purpose among members, as they discuss topics that directly impact their businesses. 

JoAnne Keen, President of Frank’s Appliance Center & Sleepsource and a President of the group’s Greater Midwest Region, is a longtime veteran of these area gatherings.

 “The Town Hall meeting structure is especially good for those members who cannot leave their stores for even a single day,” she said. “It gives an isolated dealer valuable information about products and services that are available to them that they may not understand or even know about.”

“What I’ve noticed,” Keen added, “is that dealers who normally might not say anything at a larger meeting are more likely to speak up in a smaller group.”

The vision of the Town Hall — to bring together small groups of neighboring members to share best practices, uncover opportunities and increase participation within the BrandSource community — has certainly been achieved, leading to improved performance for all stakeholders. As with everything we do at BrandSource, the intent of this member-owned organization is to listen to all participants and to do what is best for the members and manufactures alike. 

Bill Canham, co-owner of Canham Maytag Home Appliance Center and a member with the Great Plains Region, said Town Hall meetings are beneficial for a wide range of reasons.

“Having these individual Town Halls in each state in the region helps get the members exposed to everything BrandSource has to offer, as some members can’t attend the larger meetings,” he said. In addition, the Town Halls afford those members the opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with the BrandSource Leadership Team and the region board members.”

 “The meetings are also ideal for small group interactions,” Canham continued. “We have honest, open and interactive dialogue between all the attending members and the BrandSource team. This creates an atmosphere of idea sharing and best practices that is invaluable for business owners like me.”

He said members should consider attending Town Halls whenever they have the opportunity.

“Spending a few hours outside of your store for a Town Hall meeting will pay you back three-fold,” Canham said. “First, you will get an outstanding presentation from the Leadership Team of BrandSource. Second, you will get to hear presentations from our amazing supplier sponsors. And third, you will get to create relationships with members of your region that will help you maintain and grow your business.”

Stay tuned for a calendar of this year’s Town Hall dates and locations.

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