TRIB Group Returns to its Trade Show Roots

TRIB Group will hold its Meeting of the Minds welcome reception at Atlanta’s interactive College Football Hall of Fame.

By Dennis Shields, TRIB Group

Our TRIB Group rent-to-own (RTO) organization is eagerly anticipating our spring meeting and buy fair, which will come early this year, beginning on Feb. 23.

Our excitement about the Meeting of the Minds 2020 show is really high because we are hosting this alone and it’s a throwback to the way we hosted shows years ago when the group was young and getting started. It’s also in our hometown, Atlanta, and we have branded this show the “TRIB Group Homecoming, back where it all began.” Because of this nod to our past, we are going all out to give our members and our vendors a true, authentic Atlanta experience.

We have chosen to host the welcome reception at the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta. This is an extraordinary venue that offers a football experience certainly, but it is also a lovely site for a networking event that overlooks the Atlanta skyline and Olympic Park. The venue itself is an absolute playground of interactive exhibits that uses technology to put you inside games, test your skills, try your hand at play calling and experience some of the greatest moments from your favorite team’s history.

We hope to see members that may not often venture out to events and buy fairs, as well as our usual loyal attendees. I can promise you it will be a show we will all remember fondly.

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Separately, a note about furniture — we will once again host our Think Tank meeting at the Las Vegas Furniture Market this month, where we as a group will visit and network with our vendors that have showrooms at the market. The LV Market really does present the best opportunity to view the complete product portfolios and spend time with vendors. It’s definitely worth the time to attend and we encourage our members to add this to their winter calendar.

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As always, our door is open to new members and vendors that may have a unique product niche that our membership may be looking for, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at to discuss TRIB Group. Our website is at

Dennis Shields is Executive Director of TRIB Group, the rent-to-own affiliate of YSN publisher AVB Inc.

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