Bedding Makers Betting on Smart Products Too

Sleep Number said its Climate360 is the first-ever bed that uses advanced temperature technology to create “a personalized and responsive microclimate.”

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Appliance brands weren’t the only ones showing their smarts at last week’s CES 2020.

At least two bedding manufacturers, Sleep Number and DUX, debuted innovative products that were right at home at the country’s largest consumer technology show.

From Sleep Number came the new Climate360 smart bed, designed to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep by creating personalized and responsive “microclimates.” The product, which copped a “Best of Innovation” award at CES, provides adjustments on each side to heat and cool the mattress based on a sleeper’s individual comfort preferences. Its Climate360 technology provides up to 12 degrees of cooling through an evaporative cooling process, the company said, and can warm the bed up to a temperature of 100 degrees F. through active heating. The bed is integrated with Sleep Number’s smart adjustable base, and is expected to retail for a suggested $7,999 when it ships next year.

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Meanwhile, Swedish luxury bedmaker DUX used the occasion to launch its new Element bed with an Alexa-compatible Smart Module. The high-performance sleep system and handcrafted headboard feature an installed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker that allows users to set the mood with music and access any IoT home components like shades or thermostats that are synced with Amazon’s virtual assistant.

No word yet on price, although the bed and Smart Module will be sold direct through DUX’s Duxiana website and company-owned retail stores.

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